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Mrs Claire Cusick                                                  Head Teacher

Mrs Siobhan Lowing                                              Acting Head Teacher

Mrs Marie Claire Williams                                      Acting Depute Head Teacher

Mrs June Johnstone & Mrs Amy Campbell              Additional support teacher

Mr Brian Bell                                                         Primary 7 STEM Principal Teacher

Mr Cian Geoghegan                                               Primary 6

Mr Mark Meikle     (NQT)                                       Primary 5

Miss Theresa Blaney                                             Primary 4

Mrs Julie Friel                                                      Primary 3

Mrs Karen Dick                                                    Primary 2

Mrs Carlene Rae & Miss Hamilton                         Primary 1

Mrs Kathleen Milne                                              Rainbow Base 1

Mrs Sharon Quinn & Mrs Anna Prosowska            Rainbow Base 2

Ms McKinnon                                                      Rainbow Base 3


We also have an allocation of Network Support Resource, Mrs Christina Dunsmore. Our Early Years Teacher and Nurture Teacher is Ms Zoe Cola. Mr Alistair Douglas the music instructor provides brass tuition ½ day a week. 


St Joseph’s has excellent support from:


Mrs Kathleen Slevin                                      School Clerical Assistant

Mrs Samantha Dickson                                 School Clerical and Learning Assistant

Mrs Kathryn Lambie                                      Learning Assistant

Mrs Maureen White                                       Learning Assistant

Miss Maria Cairns                                         Learning Assistant

Mrs Jackie Church                                        Learning Assistant Rainbow Base

Mrs Fiona Connolly                                       Learning Assistant Rainbow Base

Mrs Kim Murdoch                                         Learning Assistant Rainbow Base

Mr Martin McCormack                                   Learning Assistant Rainbow Base

Mrs Mary Jack                                             Learning Assistant Rainbow Base                 

Mr John Seymour  and Mrs Josie Carr           School Facilities Officers

Mrs Jean Dallas and  Miss Kirsty McPhie      School Facilities Officers

Mrs Pat Eadie                                              School Lollipop woman

Fr. Benneth Onyebuchukwu                           School Chaplain

Ms Marie McCormack                                   Catering Manager

Mrs Carol Gilfillan                                         Catering Assistant

Mrs Geraldine Cairns                                    Catering Assistant