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Scotland Sharing the Learning Assembly

This afternoon the pupils of St Joseph's Primary came together to share their learning from our Scotland focus week. The classed took it in turn to share the new knowledge and skills that they had gained throughout the focus week.  Some classes worked collaboratively on a performance for the assembly. Here are some of the highlights...


Primary 1 told us that they had been learning about Scottish wildlife and St Andrew the Patron Saint of Scotland.  They also showed us the creative work they had produced related to these topics.




Primary 2 impressed us all with their counting in Gaelic and new knowledge of islands.  They also explained that they had used the information they had learned about islands to write imaginative stories about living on a Scottish island just like Katie Morag.






Primary 3 had been learning about the different geographical features of Scotland and had used maps to show where interesting landmarks are in Scotland.



Primary 4 explained how they had been learning about Ben Nevis using their creative and cooperative skills during art lessons and reciprocal reading sessions.  They showed off some of their 3D collages of Ben Nevis.



As an added bonus P3 & 4 has also prepared a performance of Bonnie Bonnie Banks that they shared with the assembly.



Primary 5 showed reports that they had written collaboratively about the cities of Scotland following their research.



Primary 6 read some of their persausive writing pieces to encourage people to visit popular cities in Scotland.  They had to put their skills of persuasion and exaggeration to the test when completing these tasks.




P5 & 6 had also worked together to prepare a performance of a traditional Scottish song.. Auld Lang Syne.



Last but not least P7 gave us an update on the exciting Divided City Project that they are involved in partnership with the Citizens Theatre and Edinbarnet Primary School.  They then performed one the songs from the show to give us a sneak preview of what to expect next term.




As always the children of St Joseph's have proven what hardworking and talented pupils they are.  A big thank you and well done to everyone who worked their socks off for another fabulous Sharing the Learning Assembly.