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Website Updates


We have been hard at work updating our website and we hope you agree that there is a big improvement.  We are very proud of the new look our website has and all the great learning we have been able to share with everyone.  The changes to the homepage are very obvious but we would also like to draw your attention to some of the other updates that have been made recently...

Here is a quick overview of what has been changed in each of the sections of the website:


Our School:

In this section we have added our school Vision, Value and Aims, the current sessions handbook and information about enrolment for new entrants along with the transition visit dates for your diary.


News and Events:

Here we have been trying to keep you up to date with all of the exciting things that have been going on in St Joseph's.  The school calendar has also been updated with events and information.  As each class completes their assembly an album is being added to the Class Assembly section.


Staff and Curriculum:

A 'lovely' picture and staff list are now available here along with a section currently being developed to provide information about current initiatives.


Parents Zone:

There are a lot of changes here... a copy of the Quality & Standards report is available to download, newsletters have been added and in the helping my child at school sub section a collection of information leaflets and guides have been added for your reference.


Learning Experiences: 

In term 1 we added a blog section to share our learning from the Masterclasses.


School Gallery:

We have started to add albums from the current school session including pictures from Halloween, P7 Stem project, Google expeditions and Read, Write & Count workshop.


We hope you have enjoy the changes and find the information you need.