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P7 Pre- STEM Project Success

Pre-STEM Project


'On Tuesday the 15th of November we went to Clydebank Town Hall for the PreSTEM Celebration Day.  This day was the culmination of 4 weeks work!  It was here where our work would be judged by a panel of engineering experts.


For 4 weeks we worked in teams of 6 to create renewable energy ideas for our school.  We implemented an energy survey, researched ideas, designed models, made posters and finally prepared a presentation.'

                                                                                     Primary 7





Throughout West Dunbartonshire every P7 pupil has been taking part in the Engineering Development Trust's Pre-STEM Project.  This was originally an initiative used within secondary schools to inspire pupils to pursue careers in Science, Engineering, Technology and Maths, which has now been extended to primary.


The project involved a launch day in each of the secondaries for it's associated primary pupils, giving  them the chance to learn about important scientific principles such as mass and gravity.  They were also given the opportunity to build miniature versions of machines.


Following this, the primary schools were then asked to undertake a 4 week project to develop their own ideas of how their school could be more energy efficient.  


The project finale was a recall day where all the groups had to present their findings to an engineering expert.



A huge congratulation to our pupils who were placed 3rd out of all the Clydebank primary schools taking part in the project.  Well deserved recognition for all of their hard work over the last 4 weeks!