West Dunbartonshire Council Welcome to Saint Patrick's Primary School


Our  House Captains and Vice Captains have a very important role in St Patrick's school community. We have four houses, Arran, Iona, Lewis and Skye and each class in our school is a member of a House.

This year's captains and vice-captains are:-


Captain - Erin Jordan

Vice Captain - Connor McKenzie

Vice Captain - Evan Goldie

Primary 7(2), Primary 4(2) and Primary 1(2)



Captain - Paula Anderson

Vice Captain - Megan Reilly

Vice Captain - Sam Dalrymple

Primary 2(1), Primary 3(1) and Primary 5(2)



Captain - Hayden Banks

Vice Captain - Peter Moran

Vice Captain - Cathleen Wilson

Primary 2(2), Primary 3(2) and Primary 5(1)



Captain - Fraser McIntyre

Vice Captain - Clare Sweeney

Vice Captain - Anthony Connelly

Primary 7/6, Primary 6 and Primary 4(1)

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