South Lanarkshire Council Welcome to Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School


Headteacher: Mrs E. Brady

Depute Headteacher of Upper School: Mrs J. Cadwallender

Depute Headteacher of Lower School: Mrs J. Blakemore

Principal Teachers:  Miss C. Docherty(Room 3)

Principal Teacher: Miss D. Boyle

Class Teachers:    Miss Burns (Room 1)

                              Miss Shields (Room 2)

                              Mrs Forbes/ Miss Mcgill (Room 3)

                              Miss Carroll (Room 4)

                              Mrs Mcmenemy (Room 5)

                             Mrs Jack (Room 7)

                             Miss Boyle  (Room 8)

                             Mrs. Perez  (Room 9)

                              Mrs. Jack  (Room 10)

                              Mrs. Bell (Room 11)

                             Mrs Richmond /Mrs Fusi (Room 12)

                              Miss Maguire (Room 13)

                             Mr Mclaughlin (CCC Teachers)



School Support Staff: Mrs Steedman

                                   Mrs Cleary

                                   Mrs Jones

                                   Mrs White

Office staff:   Mrs Devlin

                     Mrs Thomson


Janitor: Mr J. McIvor

Kitchen: Mrs A. Simpson