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Room 4 Ugly Bug Ball - 13/05/2019 15:36:15
Miss Carroll and her class of Primary 2/3 showed off their performance of the ugly bug ball, which included singing, dancing and many facts about insects such as butterfly, ladybugs and spiders. They ... (Read more)
Masterclasses - 13/05/2019 15:29:14
Over the course of two weeks we had some masterclass taster sessions. The masterclasses included: Spanish culture and food, Hama beads, painting, cookery, Irish dancing, yoga and introduction to recorders, ... (Read more)
Handball - 13/05/2019 15:27:14
This week classes from all across our school are getting the amazing chance to play the fun and skilful game of handball! It may be just a taster, but judging from the way our primary sevens were, ... (Read more)
Masterclasses - 29/04/2019 15:50:47
On this Friday and next we will be doing Masterclasses, which means we will go to a place in the school to do a new subject being taught by a member of staff. For example, there’s Lego, origami, knitting ... (Read more)
Living Eggs Project - 29/04/2019 15:47:31
The Living Egg project arrived last Tuesday the 23 rd in to our Primary 1 classes and the very next day they started hatching. There were originally 10 eggs and 8 of them have hatched so far. They ... (Read more)
Room 13 Assembly - 29/04/2019 15:41:44
This fortnights assembly was about diversity and was delivered by Room 13. Diversity means that everyone is different but inside we are all the same. The children in Room 13 taught us that we should ... (Read more)
Lenten Charity - 29/04/2019 15:37:16
Our school chose to support 2 main charities over the Lenten period – Kilbride Hospice and Let the Children Live. Due to our Lenten appeals we have managed to raise over £2,000 for both of these charities. ... (Read more)
Room 11 Assembly - 18/03/2019 15:32:48
On 18th of March Room 11 held an amazing assembly. They talked about Holy Week. The taught the school about the arrival, the last super, the agony in the garden and when Jesus is condemned to death. ... (Read more)
Burns Competition - 18/03/2019 15:29:38
On the 3 rd of March, 2019, a few selected members of our school choir went to compete in the Robert Burns Competition. They hoped to stay reigning champions. They sang “Speed Bonnie Boat”, yet were ... (Read more)
Spring Fling Disco - 18/03/2019 15:19:37
On the 14 th of March we had our first disco of 2019, the Spring Fling. Our children had a great time singing along to songs, dancing and winning prizes. The tuck shop for the older pupils was great ... (Read more)
World Book Day - 11/03/2019 15:43:16
On the 7 th of March our school participated in World Bok Day. There were many amazing costumes from the staff and pupils such as Disney princesses, Star Wars characters and lots of Harry Potter characters. ... (Read more)
Room 11 and Room 8 Trip - 11/03/2019 15:40:03
Room 11 and Room 8’s school trip was a spectacular tour around Glasgow in an open-top tour bus! Their trip also took them to view amazing pieces of art and memorable statues. Their first stop was at ... (Read more)
Library Makeover - 11/03/2019 15:35:09
Our school library lately got an upgrade that has now created a very warm and inviting space within our school. The makeover coincided with world book day and every class had a chance to go along and ... (Read more)
Athletics Update - 04/03/2019 15:56:18
On the 1 st of March 32 pupils from Our Lady of Lourdes were chosen to go to Strathaven park to compete in the cross country event where we competed in 4 races. In the P6 girls race our highest was ... (Read more)
Netball Update - 04/03/2019 15:48:35
Today at our assembly we learned that our netball team have not lost a single game this year. (well, we lost one but hey!) So because we have won mostly every tournament, they were brought up in the ... (Read more)
Room 3 Assembly - 04/03/2019 15:39:34
On the 4 th of March Primary 2, Room 3 presented an amazing assembly on Lent. They told us about fasting, praying and almsgiving. These are all the things that you do in Lent. First fasting, to remind ... (Read more)
Lenten Appeal - 25/02/2019 15:42:11
Next week we will be starting our Lenten appeal, the first week we will be having World Book Day, which is on Thursday 7 th of March. We would like your children to think of a Lenten promise if you ... (Read more)
Confirmation - 25/02/2019 15:35:06
On 19 th of February our Primary 6 and 7 pupils made the Sacrament and Confirmation. We would like to thank Bishop Toal for Confirming our pupils as well as both of our parish priests Monsignor Millar ... (Read more)
Good To Be Green Latest - 25/02/2019 15:29:59
On Monday the 25 th of February our students were given their Good To Be Green stickers. They get these lovely stickers after being good and on green for a whole month. There was a huge majority of ... (Read more)
Parent Afternoon - 18/02/2019 15:46:22
On the 30 th of January the parents came in to see their children or child in their class room as they discussed their targets and achievements. After the parents had finished with their child they ... (Read more)
Fairtrade Competition - 18/02/2019 15:43:14
There is a Fairtrade competition where you have to design a Fairtrade poster that will be displayed throughout the school to inspire others to use Fairtrade products, even if it is just for a snack ... (Read more)
Bush Tucker Trial - 18/02/2019 15:39:27
There has been a competition on recently where the children had the choice to try some different kinds of food. It was known as a Bush Tucker Trial and was being run by South Lanarkshire Council. There ... (Read more)
Good Luck to the Confirmandi - 18/02/2019 15:35:34
This Tuesday the Primary 6 and 7 pupils are getting confirmed in a very important night for them all. This Tuesday, the 19th of February Bishop Toal will visit Our Lady of Lourdes to perform ... (Read more)
Fruity Friday - 18/02/2019 15:25:49
On the 18 th of February the latest Fruity Friday winners were announced, giving them the prize of 15 more minutes of extra playtime. Congratulations to Room 1, for bringing in the most fruit overall ... (Read more)
Room 5 Assembly - 28/01/2019 15:36:46
Room 5 Primary 3 presented an amazing assembly about how Mary appeared to Bernadette in Lourdes. They explained how everyone in the town did not believe that Bernadette saw Mary, but soon people started ... (Read more)
Air Quality Workshops - 28/01/2019 15:32:39
This week p4, p5 and p6 are receiving a workshop about air pollution and air quality. Two invited guest have been in telling them about particulates in the air which cause pollution. They played games ... (Read more)
Achievement Wall - 28/01/2019 15:31:05
In our lunch hall we have a wall where we used to display our kite achievements, however we are looking for a new and improved achievement wall. In school now we are going to run a competition for ... (Read more)
Advent Appeal Update - 28/01/2019 15:26:27
Today representatives from both Mary’s Meals and Missio came into our school and received cheques with money that we raised during Advent. Both charities do amazing work helping those less fortunate ... (Read more)
First Holy Communion Enrollment Mass - 21/01/2019 15:48:08
Our P4 children who are soon to make the sacrament of the Eucharist took part in an enrolment mass on Monday 14 th January. It was a beautiful mass and it was great to see so many of the pupils and ... (Read more)
Pantomime Review - 21/01/2019 15:46:27
The pantomime was a great performance by Hopscotch theatre and was an amazing success. It was very unique and gave a Scottish twist to the tale of Beauty and the Beast which became Bonnie and the ... (Read more)
Sharing Learning Event - 21/01/2019 15:42:01
Our lady of Lourdes pupil’s parents are invited to come to the school to have your child show you their work and targets for the term. You will have the opportunity to talk to your child about how ... (Read more)
Pope Francis Faith Award Update - 21/01/2019 15:37:59
Our Primary 7 Pope Francis Faith Award children have started reflecting on their journey so far as it is nearing the end. The Primary 6 pupils who have chosen to do the Pope Francis Faith Awards have ... (Read more)
Athletics Update - 21/01/2019 15:36:38
On the 11 th of January the athletics select team went to the finals where they were up against Maxwellton, St Kenneth’s and st Hilary’s as well as other schools from East Kilbride. we came 8 th ... (Read more)
100 Years of Catholic Education Assembly - 26/11/2018 15:29:29
Pope Francis Faith Awards Primary 7 children had an assembly about the icon painting which represents 100 years of catholic education. There are lots of messages within the icon which were wonderfully ... (Read more)
Room 8 Assembly - 26/11/2018 15:23:20
On the 26 th of November, Room 8 did an assembly all about Saint Andrew for the whole school. They had excellent singing, speaking and dancing. The pupils loved their assembly and learned lots about ... (Read more)
Road Safety Calendar Competition - 26/11/2018 15:22:08
Well done to all the people who got a special commendation for their excellent road safety calendar entry as part of the annual South Lanarkshire competition. The pupils mentioned were Jade, Rory, ... (Read more)
Eco Update - 12/11/2018 15:44:24
Today, our Eco representatives gave a presentation about what they have done so far in their eco meetings and what they plan to improve. These include: Starting the Litter Picking Rota, planting bulbs ... (Read more)
Fruity Friday Winner - 12/11/2018 15:35:01
This month Room 10 won our Fruity Friday competition, which means they get an extra 15 minutes of playtime. The Fruity Friday competition is about bringing in the most fruit as a snack and whichever ... (Read more)
Karate Taster for P4-7 - 12/11/2018 15:31:45
On Friday 8 th November Primary 4 to 7 had karate lessons in it we got taught how to punch, elbow and move. We also played some games e.g. you stand in position with a partner and try to tap the other ... (Read more)
Infant Karate Lessons - 05/11/2018 15:37:54
Our infants had some fantastic karate lesson which they thoroughly enjoyed as they learned some valuable karate moves which could come in useful. This week the seniors will get some lessons, they ... (Read more)
Red Carpet Assembly - 29/10/2018 15:53:25
On Friday the 26 th of October the children brought in achievements to show the school. All the children had great achievements from a whole range of activities such as dancing, gymnastics, karate, ... (Read more)
PFFA Enrolment Mass - 29/10/2018 15:36:52
The Primary 6 Pope Francis Faith Award children had their enrolment Mass on Thursday the 25th of October. There were some great readers at the mass, also the Pope Francis Faith Award children were ... (Read more)
Hallowe'en Disco - 29/10/2018 15:34:42
On the 24 th of October we had our annual Hallowe’en disco. Our children enjoyed dressing up as the scariest, wackiest things imaginable. There were all sorts of costumes, from Garfield to the Smurfs, ... (Read more)
Pupil Council Update - Benches - 08/10/2018 15:31:08
Last year our pupil council ordered new benches for the school. By the time they arrived we had new council members so they have had to find were they are being placed. We have definitely decided that ... (Read more)
Fruity Friday - 08/10/2018 15:29:13
Fruity Friday is when students bring in fruit as a snack on Friday to try and win an extra playtime. The class with the most fruit wins the extra playtime. It is starting up again but a little differently ... (Read more)
Gym Shoes - 08/10/2018 15:25:27
A lot of children in the school don’t have gym shoes which are part of our school uniform. Indoor shoes should be a navy or black gym shoe, not a neon trainer. The reason for indoor shoes is to stop ... (Read more)
Active Day - 01/10/2018 15:34:06
Last Friday we had an active day and letters went out about sponsoring the children. There were many activities throughout the day including station activities in the gym hall. We also got to do ... (Read more)
Competition Winners - 01/10/2018 15:30:50
Congratulations to the summer reading challenge and the Kilbride Hospice calendar competition winners! All of the entries were great! All those who took part in the Summer reading challenge ... (Read more)
Room 11 Assembly - 01/10/2018 15:28:05
On Monday the 1 st of October Room 11 delivered an assembly about Mary and the Rosary. It was very joyful and everyone had a good time and learned a few facts about Mary and her ties to the Rosary. ... (Read more)
Room 13 Assembly - 17/09/2018 15:37:47
Room 13 did an assembly about 100 Years of Catholic Education and set a good example to the school. They gave lots of valid information. The children made beautiful posters about their assembly, they ... (Read more)
Pope Francis Faith Award - 17/09/2018 15:33:59
Since last year our school has been doing the Pope Francis Faith Award. The Primary 6’s from last year (now Primary 7) are soon to be finished and this year’s primary ‘6s are about to start. The Pope ... (Read more)
Room 12 Assembly - 17/09/2018 15:22:33
On the 10 th of September Room 12, Primary 6/7, had an assembly all about Our Lady’s birthday which was two days before that. They also mentioned humility and what made Mary humble. They used the ... (Read more)