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MATHS HOMEWORK for all Duncanrig Maths classes is available here. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the relevant link.




Higher Maths Supported Study: Runs every Wednesday and Thursday in C101 for one hour after school. Ideal for getting help with homework and revision!

Lunchtime Revision:  Lunchtime classes in Maths are up and running again! Open to all pupils - come along to C111 on Mondays and Wednesdays between 12.50 pm and 1.20 pm. Ideal for getting help with a tricky homework question or for revising a particular topic. Pupils can also go to the Library after school for one hour (Monday to Thursday), where the S6 pupils will be able to help younger pupils with their homework.


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Revision Advice Sheet: All Years

Numeracy Booklet for Parents: Lower School

Mental Maths Strategies

Useful web sites (All year groups)
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Click on 3rd or 4th Level for Lower School.
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National 5 Materials: 
National 5 Past Paper Revision Questions:
National 5 Lifeskills Maths Past Questions:
Higher Maths:     Revision Planner    Formulae List    Formulae to Learn

SQA Maths Past Papers & Marking Schemes (2009 - 2014)

2003 Past Paper  2003 Marking Scheme

2004 Past Paper  2004 Marking Scheme

2005 Paper 1      2005 Marking Scheme       2005 Paper 2  

2006 Paper 1   2006 P1 Mark Scheme   2006 Paper 2    2006 P2 Mark Scheme

2007 Paper 1   2007 P1 Mark Scheme   2007 Paper 2    2007 P2 Mark Scheme

2008 Paper 1       2008  Mark Scheme      2008  Paper 2   

2009 Past Paper  2009 Marking Scheme

2010 Past Paper  2010 Marking Scheme

150 Objective Questions      (Answers)

Older Papers: 1990  1991  1992a  1992b  1993  1994  1995  1996  1997  1998  1999  2000  2001  2002

Older Solutions:   2000  2001  2002   1999:   1998:

More Objective Questions:  Unit 1  Unit 2  Unit 3  Answers

Higher Practice Papers:  A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  J  K  L

Advanced Higher Maths:   SQA Formulae Sheet   All Formulae   HSN Notes    

SQA Past Paper web site(2010-2015)    Breakdown of PPQs

Older AH Past Papers: 2009  2008  2007  2006  2005  2004  2003  2002  2001

Older AH Marking Schemes2009  2008  2007  2006  2005  2004  2003  2002  2001

Course Content: 
Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3
Algebra  1  2 Further Differentiaion Vectors
Differentiation Further Integration & Diff Eqns 1  2 Matrices
Integration Complex Numbers Further Sequences and Series
Properties of Functions Sequences and Series Differential Equations 1  2
Gaussian Elimination Number Theory and Proof Further Number Theory and Proof

Homework Exercises are issued to pupils on a regular basis.Maths homework exercises can be viewed by clicking on the links below.These exercise are handed in to a pupil's Maths teacher and marked.

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  Maths Homework Exercises

S1 (2nd) S1 (3rd) S2 (2nd) S2 (3rd) S2 (3rd/ 4th) S3 (3rd/ 4th) S3 (4th) A S3 (4th) B S4 (N4) A S4 (N4) B S4 (N5)

S5/6 (N4) LSM

S5/6 (N5) LSM S5/6 (N5) Higher Adv Higher
hw1  hw1 hw13  hw1 hw19  hw1 hw1  hw1 hw1  hw 1  hw1  hw1  hw1  hw1  hw 1 hw 1
hw2   hw2 hw14 hw2 hw20  hw2 hw2  hw2 hw2 hw 2  hw2  hw2  hw2  hw2  hw 2 HW2 
hw3   hw3 hw15 hw3 hw21  hw3  hw3  hw3 hw3  hw 3 hw3  hw3  hw3  hw3 hw 3    HW 3
hw4   hw4 hw16  hw4  hw22  hw4  hw4  hw4  hw4  hw 4  hw4  hw4  hw4  hw4 hw 4  HW4
hw5  hw5   hw17 hw5 hw23 hw5  hw5  hw5   hw5 hw 5  hw5  hw5  hw5 hw5  hw 5  hw 5
 hw6  hw6 hw18 hw6 hw24 hw6  hw6 hw6  hw6 hw6   hw6    hw6 hw6  hw 6  hw 6
 hw7  hw7   hw7 hw25  hw7  hw7  hw7 hw7    hw7    hw7 hw7  hw 7  hw 7 
hw8   hw8   hw8 hw26  hw8 hw8  hw8  hw8     hw8    hw8  hw8  hw 8 hw 8
 hw9  hw9   hw9 hw27  hw9 hw9  hw9 hw 9    hw9    hw9  hw9  hw 9  hw 9
 hw10  hw10    hw10 hw28   hw10 hw10  hw10  hw10   hw10     hw10  hw10 hw 10  hw10 
hw11  hw11     hw11    hw11  hw11 hw11       hw11    hw11  hw11  hw 11  hw 11
 hw12  hw12   hw12      hw12  hw12      hw12      hw12  hw 12  hw 12
  hw13    hw13      hw13              hw13  hw 13  
  hw14     hw14     hw14              

 hw 14

                            hw 15   
                            hw 16   
                             hw 17  
                             hw 18  



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